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How Online Chess Training Can Improve Your Child’s Thinking Skills

Chess, one of the lesser-known activities is a wonderful game many parents forget to consider when it comes to intellectual development of a child. Not only can online chess be great fun but it can also be extremely beneficial to children because it improves critical thinking skills that can be applied to a huge variety of real-life situations. Learning online chess is easy and can be played in the US, Singapore or anywhere in the world.

Playing chess is the best sport to exercise a child’s brain in their formative years. It’s never too early for a child to learn how to play chess. Chess is becoming increasingly popular among young kids and many schools in US & Singapore now a days are incorporating chess into daily learning to help children develop critical thinking skills, reasoning and even increase student IQ level. Research has shown that learning chess boosts problem-solving skills, sportsmanship, self-esteem making the kids more confident and better decision makers.

Learning Chess online not only enhances good thinking skills and improves concentration, but it teaches children to take responsibility and make life decisions in any critical situation. Let’s take a look at how learning to play online chess can foster intellectual development and improve thinking skills in children:

  1. Learning Chess  Online Promotes Brain Growth:
    Like a soccer player trains the leg muscles to become faster, a chess player needs to train his brain which is the  most important “tool to achieve great results. Top chess grand masters recognize that Chess is tailor-made for engaging your brain functions. It is a mental workout. Learning Chess online pumps the brain power which helps the children to perform well in the classroom at school. Moreover, learning chess online improves the ability to memorize things. Children have to remember learning Chess is an excellent memory exercise because it encourages remembering moves like how the pieces move, which strategies are good, which opening moves make sense, which don’t, and so on.
  2. Learning Online Chess Develops your Child’s Problem Solving Skills:
    Chess is a game of infinite possibilities for the mind and enables a child to look at things from different perceptive.  Chess training has become more popular in schools due to the fact that it is a board game of skills and strategies.  Chess is very similar to a large puzzle.  In an attempt to make a move a chess game player must use their problem-solving skills to decide which pieces they should move to get the best results on the board. As players advance and start playing timed games, chess teaches students which move is best and how to solve problems spontaneously.
  3. Online Chess Coaching Helps in Abstract Reasoning:
    Abstract reasoning stimulatescreativity,flexible thinking, judgment, and logical problem-solving.  Online Chess lessons help students improve their abstract reasoning skills by helping them learn to recognize patterns on the game-board and develop strategies based on those patterns. Abstract reasoning skills go hand-in-hand with problem-solving, making these two of the most beneficial skills gained from learning the game of chess as a child.
  4. Online Chess Training Can Help Stay Calm Under-Pressure:
    We all have to deal with some sort of pressure whether at home, school or with our peers. Few sports activities give us the opportunity to stay calm under pressure.  Online Chess is a brilliant game to exercise your nerves.  Playing chess Online involves timed moves, when kids play chess with timed moves they must constantly keep track of their current position on the board and determine the best possible move before time runs out.  In such situations staying calm while thinking through possible moves gives kids the ability to make informed and thought out decisions while under pressure in real-life scenarios down the road.
  5. Online Chess Games Help Practice Patience:
    Patience is a virtue in the game of Chess. The ability to think for long hours and try to improve your position on the board move by move is not an easy task.  A game of online chess can go on for hours before one player emerges victorious over the other. That is because each move is carefully calculated, planned and executed. So being patience during a chess game can prevent you from making the wrong move. Even a small slip in concentration could lose a pawn, or an overly aggressive move could lead to a checkmate for the opposing player.