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Kudos to your first step in becoming a first-class chess player. Yes! Joining the best online chess training course under the guidance of an internationally acclaimed chess trainer, a FIDE Instructor Mr. Dhanesh Shrikhande is truly a magnificent step in achieving greatness in this game of mind and move called chess. Winston Churchill once said, “The empires of the future are the empire of the mind.” This quote perfectly summarizes the world of chess and its nature. The simple truth here is that the one who knows how to use the infinite power of his/her mind and how to place the right move always wins the game. Chess requires you to be attentive, passionate, patient, and your mind to be sharp, conscious, predictive, and active. Here, our expert coaches train you to be a confident and mindful person even in the time of adversaries, not just for the game of chess but also for the great game of life. Keeping this in mind we run the best chess classes globally. From beginner to the advanced level, we teach you all the fundamentals of chess, all the tactical tricks, all the wonderful moves, all the glorious gambits, and most important all the updated techniques from all around the world. Students from all corners of the world like the USA, New Zealand, UK, Singapore, Australia, UAE, India, etc. are a testimony of our global presence. Our impressive history of students winning national and international awards in chess and their positive feedback truly makes us the best online chess trainer in the world.

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What makes our chess course the best chess course is our student-centered design of courses and materials. When it comes to providing the best online chess classes, we emphasize more than anything else the positive learning rate of students. Since day one our students start to feel a change and improvement in their game. We modify our way of training as per the need and the pace of the learner. The focus of coaches remains intact on students’ learning.

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The Internet is full of websites claiming to be the best online chess websites but only the experiences and outcomes say which one is best and which one is just a false promise. Our online chess class website is managed by Dhanush Shrikhande who has a magnificent experience of more than three decades in teaching and training chess aspirants. He has been a global trainer and has trained chess winners from countries like India, the USA, UK, Australia, UAE, Singapore, and many more. The achievements of our students are a walking testimony of committed services. We have become one of the best online chess websites only after long restless efforts to help each student at each stage to shine up in the sky of chess. We keep updated with the changing nature of requirements by modifying our teaching methods and getting equipped with the best possible technology for animated and live classes. Join our courses as per your level of playing and let us hone your passion for chess to a greater level of name and fame.

Why should you choose our online chess classes?

After going through a lot of research about the learning of chess skills, we have designed this course in a very unique and result-oriented way for each of our learners. We first understand and analyze the current chess skills and compose a series of lessons accordingly. We infuse into the students all the skills and techniques like what’s the best way to begin when to play a dull position, when to play the attacking position, how to utilize the power of each piece, how to place the best move, how to compose the best fighting gambit, how to deal with strength and exploit the weakness of opponents, and how to manage a win in adverse circumstances. Our person-to-person interaction not only helps to establish a rapport with the learner but also increases the pace of imbibing the conceptual techniques through open discussion and doubt solving. We empower the children’s by training their minds to be logical and think ahead, by improving their decision-making skills, by polishing their attitude to defeat adversities, by teaching the greatest life lesson of losing & winning, by weaponizing them with the latest tactics and techniques, and by installing into them a character of a thinker, an achiever, and a change maker. And that is why our students and their parents never hesitate to give us a tag of the best online course/class/websites.

Thinking of Chess? Think of a chess course! Benefits of attending online chess classes: –

  • The world is a global village now. No matter in which corner of the world you reside, you can hone your chess aptitude by just visiting the best chess course website.
  • You get a chance to be trained by the world’s best chess trainer.
  • Attend classes as per your comforts like through google meet, zoom, or skype.
  • A 24X7 doubt solving facility and one-to-one interaction with experts for any discussion or query.
  • You get planned study materials and detailed analysis of each game.

How we provide responsive chess lessons and engaging chess practice.

  • Distinctive classes for each student irrespective of their age and respect to their level.
  • Highly specialized classes for chess prodigies.
  • Distinctive classes for each student irrespective of their age and respect to their level.
  • Highly specialized classes for chess prodigies.

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